Under the Skin is a 2013 science fiction film directed and co-written by Jonathan Glazer as a loose adaptation of Michel Faber’s 2000 novel of the same name. The film stars Scarlett Johansson as an otherworldly woman who preys on men in Scotland. Glazer developed Under the Skin for a decade, settling on a film that takes an alien perspective of the human world. Most of the characters were played by non-actors, including road racer Jeremy McWilliams; many scenes were unscripted conversations filmed with hidden cameras on the street. It competed for the Golden Lion at the 70th Venice International Film Festival. Though Under the Skin was a box office failure, it received positive reviews, particularly for Johansson’s performance, Glazer’s direction, and Mica Levi’s score. It received multiple awards and was named one of 2014’s best films by multiple publications.